Module type Ezirmin.Lww_register

module type Lww_register = sig .. end

Last-write-wins register

Lww_register provides registers that can be read and written to. In case of conflicting writes, the latest write wins.
include Ezirmin.Repo
type value 
The type of content stored in the register.
val read : branch -> path:string list -> value option Lwt.t
read b p fetches the value of the register at path b in the branch b. If the register had not been previously written to, then the operation returns None.
val write : ?message:string ->
branch -> path:string list -> value -> unit Lwt.t
write b p m v updates the value of the register at path b in branch b to v with commit message m.
val watch : branch ->
path:string list ->
([ `Added of value
| `Removed of value
| `Updated of value * value ] ->
unit Lwt.t) ->
(unit -> unit Lwt.t) Lwt.t
watch b p cb watches the register at path p in the branch b, where cb is the callback function.
Returns a function to disable the watch.