Module Ezirmin.Repo.Commit

module Commit: sig .. end

type t 
The type of commit.
val commit_of_branch : Ezirmin.Repo.branch -> t option Lwt.t
Get the commit corresponding to the head of the branch. If the branch is empty, then return None.
val branch_of_commit : Ezirmin.Repo.repo -> t -> Ezirmin.Repo.branch Lwt.t
Get the branch that corresponds to a commit.
val predecessors : t -> t list
Get the predecessors or the commit.
val compare_and_update_branch : Ezirmin.Repo.branch ->
expect:t option ->
update:t option -> bool Lwt.t
compare_and_update_branch b e u compares the head of the branch b to the commit e. If they are the same, then the head of branch b is updated to u. Returns true if the update is successful.