Compiler Design

Course Objectives

Compilers translate programs written by humans in high-level languages to programs which can be executed by machines. They are very important, heavily used and at the same time one of the most complex pieces of software. A whole range of techniques and ideas from Automata Theory, Algorithm Design, Computer Organization and Architecture, etc. are cleverly applied to create a compiler. In this course, students will learn in depth the various phases involved in the compilation process. The course will also involve implementing an actual compiler for a subset of the Java language.

Goal of the course: At the end of the course, students will have a fair understanding of some standard passes in a general purpose compiler. Students will have hands on experience on implementing a compiler for a subset of Java.

Essential Details

Name Email Lead TA for Assignment
Sheera Shamsu 2
Vimala S 3
Pankaj Singh Rawat 4
Sarthak Naithani 4
Ashok Rajeev 4
Bhavesh Surendra Singh 5
Jyothishmathi C V 5





Item Weightage (%)
Assignments 40%
Quiz1 15%
Quiz2 15%
EndSem 30%
Extra: Class Participation Upto 5%


The course builds upon materials from Kartik Nagar (IITM), V Krishna Nandivada (IITM), Tony Hosking (ANU), Jens Palsberg (UCLA) and Alex Aiken (MIT).