All assignments should be submitted through the course moodle.

Assignment Due Date
0 12/08/19 (not graded)
1 19/08/19
2 03/09/19
3 30/09/19
4 14/10/19 (extended to 21/10)
5 30/10/19
6 11/11/19

Assignment late penalties

We are flexible about submitting assignments late. Unless otherwise specified, assignments may be turned in late with the following penalties applied to the score received:

  • 1 day late: −5%
  • 2 days late: −15%
  • 3 days late: −30%
  • 4 days late: −50%
  • > 4 days late: we probably will not grade it

Homework and programming assignments will be accepted up to 4 days late, but at a penalty. The penalty is 5% for one day late, 15% for two days late, 30% for 3 days late, and 50% for 4 days late. Weekends are considered to be a single day when applying this formula. So turning in your assignment on Sunday night is no worse than turning it in on Saturday.

Late penalties may be avoided or reduced by obtaining an extension on the assignment. However, any extensions must be approved by the instructor at least two days before the due date—last-minute extensions will not be granted except in exceptional circumstances. Extension requests should be made via email; copying all group members on the request. They should include a description of why an extension is being requested.

Academic Integrity

You’re in college; you’re expected and encouraged to discuss your work with others. That said, everything you write for this course (code, written assignments, quizzes, exams and everything else) must be your own original work.

Properly attribute any work that you use. It is part of your job as a scholar to understand what counts as plagiarism, and make sure you avoid it.