Paradigms of Programming

Don't worry. We will only cover a small subset of this.
Don't worry. We will only cover a small subset of this.

The aim of the course is to teach you about the different paradigms of programming, their underlying concepts, and the relationships between them. We will mostly look at functional and logic programming, touching upon imperative programming concepts as we go through the course. We will study functional paradigm through OCaml and logic paradigm through Prolog (specifically SWI-Prolog). The official course description is here.

The course will be primarily taught through interactive Jupyter Notebooks. The instructions for setting up the notebooks is found here.

You can have a look at the previous offering of the course for the list of topics we are likely to cover.

Essential Details

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Vimala S
Sumit Padhiyar
Girish Balakrishnan
Harsh Panchal
Kodi Kalyan Srinivas

Liaise with the TAs over email about where to meet.


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7 assignments 49%
EndSem 50%
Class Participation 1%


The course borrows some of the materials from