KC Sivaramakrishnan CTO @ Tarides

Experiment with OCaml Multicore and Algebraic Effects

I recently gave a talk on Algebraic Effects in OCaml at the OCaml Workshop 2015. The extended abstract and the slides from the talk are available here. The slides should provide a gentle introduction to programming with algebraic effects and handlers in OCaml. The examples from the talk (and many more!) are available here.

Algebraic effects in OCaml are available as a part of the multicore OCaml. The experimental compiler could easily be installed using the OCaml Labs opam development repo.

$ opam remote add ocamllabs -k git https://github.com/ocamllabs/opam-repo-dev
$ opam switch 4.02.2+multicore

If you are interested in contributing, please do experiment with algebraic effects, and report any inevitable bugs or feature requests to the multicore OCaml issue tracker.

We are also quite interested in hearing interesting applications of algebraic effects such as the encoding of monadic reflection and one-shot multi-prompt delimited control. Feel free to submit pull requests with your examples.

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